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Coffee with Friends
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Connecting with You relationships and networking opportunities?
A FWN Membership Benefit
In addition to the monthly luncheons, would you like to meet the other FWN members in a more relaxed setting each month? Would you like to build more friendships, business relationships and networking opportunities?
We’d like to give member's the opportunity to get to know each other better. A small group setting is usually the best way to go about that.  We would love for you to join in by dropping your business card in the basket at each of our monthly meetings. The only criteria is that you have to be a member of the Fresno Women's Network to participate.

Ladies will be paired up in groups or 2 or 3 and an email will be sent out with your shared information. One person needs to start by selecting several dates/times that will work for them. As you email or call each other, you remove the dates/times that don’t work until you have one in common.

Some suggestions to get you started are to meet for coffee, lunch, drinks after work, shopping at Fig Garden, River Park, Fashion Fair, etc. or decide to meet at someone’s office and they either host the get together or you agree to bring your own lunch.

Keep it simple and most of all have fun getting together and connecting with fellow network members.

For questions, please contact one of our board members
Involvement & Structure
The tremendous success experienced by the Network is due to the vitality of its membership and is demonstrated by the willingness of so many talented members who donate their time. The Network welcomes and appreciates your participation. Contact the President or any Board member for more information about your involvement in the Network.
Network Structure
The Network’s internal structure is built upon accessibility of the Board members. This accessibility leads to Networking. All of the Officers and members of the Board of Directors are accessible at any time to members. Your responsibility is to reach out and allow the networking to begin.
Board Positions
  • Contact the President, for a Board position application. Completed applications are kept on file for one calendar year, after receipt, but may be submitted at any time.
  • The Board Development Chair presents the candidate applications to the Nominating Committee as positions become available, and at least once annually during the month of October.
  • The nominating committee presents a slate of candidates to the Board for their approval.
  • Board positions are usually for three year terms, beginning in January of each year and sometimes at an earlier date.
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